5 Reasons You Need A Press Release

by Arthia Nixon

Never underestimate the power of a press release!

People often ask me why they need a press release. Sometimes they feel it is a waste of time and money but they do not see the benefits of having it. Here are five reasons why if you are an individual, a company, looking to get some sort of traction, you must have a press release.

  1. Reporters Love Press Releases – Do you think a reporter has time to listen to you pitch, go cover an event, sort through a million emails, get in and out of a meeting, have their fourth coffee and still interview you then draft your story, edit it and have it out by the next day? Imagine you and at least thirty other people doing it the same time. Exactly. During my reporter days, I hated the expectation that I would stop what I am doing to hear from an unknown who insisted they had something worthy for an interview. Meanwhile, there would be a publicist who emailed me a few photos, a media kit, and a completed, properly formatted article that might only have a few edits that I can just copy and paste and place. Guess who is likely going to be placed versus who is going to get the back-burner until my plate is clear? Exactly. So when you submit a press release to a reporter, you are doing a lot of the work for them so that they do not have to hunt you down later. This is also excellent for broadcasters as well.
  2. You Control Your Story – Have you ever seen a celebrity say that people twisted their words? Have you ever given an interview but when you read the article it was twisted to the point you couldn’t find your quote or what you wanted to say was not conveyed? When you release your material, your article, your quote, your focus, you are in control of what is released to the media and you get to control the narrative behind it. I can’t tell you the amount of times clients wished they were able to take back something or wanted to redo an interview because they went off topic. By having a publicist draft what you want in advance, you know what you are referring to and most times, they are placed exactly as is.
  3. Your Site/Social Media Needs The Content -If your goal is not to submit your press release to the media, then you should place it on your website or on your social media to help you tell your story in a format that appears to be newsy more than first person perspective posting. In just a matter of a quick click, you can reshare it to bring more traffic to your website.
  4. Package For Potential Collaborators – If you have a media kit, press releases are a great way to create fluff to show potential advertisers and collaborators a body of evidence. Sometimes, people want to see facts and figures. On other occasions, they like to a sweet human interest piece which will help them connect quickly. Stories do just that and give you a more approachable side rather than a colder tone.
  5. Department Of Immigration – Some of my clients are in the entertainment industry and one of the requirements for an entertainment visa is proof that you were at the top of your game or that you are in fact as well known as you claim. Those press releases that you sent out can be easily obtained via a Google search and those hard clippings from media outlets exist to show that you are who you say you are and likely an excellent candidate.

We skimmed over just a few of the reasons why a press release is important to have. Can you think of any other reason? Let me know. I’m Arthia Nixon from Arthia Nixon Media, and remember, document it, so that it might exist. xoxo

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