Tina’s busy life leaves little time for romance. With the support of the heavy hitting Jacobs family, she is destined to secure a spot in their world of business and politics. Her outlook in life takes an unexpected turn when her latest project, Dr. Ade Braxton throws her off her professional high horse. Yet, hasty decisions result in her marriage to the sole male heir of a dynasty with deep secrets. Along the way, she makes hasty decisions which can cause all of their worlds to collide. The prequel to bestsellers ‘Drawn Curtains’, ‘Snagged Thread’ and ‘The Grieving Billionaire’, Arthia Nixon’s ‘Elevators’ sets the stage for a four-part drama erotica that leaves readers on the edge of their seat.
Lies, loyalty, legacy, love and lost are encountered in Arthia Nixon’s erotic drama, ‘Drawn Curtains’.Picking up from where ‘Elevators’ left off, ‘Drawn Curtains’ is the sequel demanded by readers which answers many of the questions from the first book. ‘Drawn Curtains’ picks up where ‘Elevators’ left off, finding Tina a little bit older, but not that much wiser, attempting to exist in a place Celestine cannot. Since meeting Dr. Ade Braxton on an elevator and unexpectedly finding love, then marrying Dante`, the sole male heir to the Jacobs dynasty, she struggles living in two separate worlds with two very different men. Stuck in a loveless marriage to an unapologetic man while desperately wanting to be with the person she truly loves, she finds herself losing more than gaining. In the midst of it she has to deal with her son Jake, who has a secret she hopes will go away on it’s own, a meddling mother-in-law, and her place with her former employer, now uncle-in-law who will do whatever it takes to keep his family’s legacy in place.Tina must navigate her relationship with her headstrong daughter Asmera whose transition from childhood to womanhood becomes challenging when she enters a relationship she may not be ready to handle. Both women realize that they have more in common when it comes to hurting those around them than the realized, and Asmera’s life changes when she learns of the things her mother hid over the course of twenty years. Can Tina fix everything before it’s too late for her and the people she love’s most?
‘Snagged Thread’ finds Asmera coming to the forefront as she learns what it takes to survive a world of secrets, scandals, sacrifices and an unexpected seduction. The third novel in Arthia Nixon’s bestselling ‘Elevators’ series, ‘Snagged Thread’ takes place a few years after the events in ‘Drawn Curtains’ left Asmera at a crossroad. Now, a successful name in the fash+art world, Asmera returns home to be the family fixer but finds herself needing to be fixed when a past love collides with her present choices.What starts off as a friendly reunion rekindles a fiery romance which could destroy everything she worked for. Then an unexpected pregnancy forces her to decide which path to choose when it comes to the men who love her, the man she has built a seemingly enviable life with or the one that still sets her on fire after so many years apart. Asmera also discovers the lengths the women in her circle will go to, to protect the men in their lives, their dynasties and the wrath they unleash on those who refuse to stick to their plans.
Born into wealth but with the brilliance to turn it into billions, Jake Jacobs-Powers is about to implode as a result of his bad boy ways. Despite warnings from his mother Tina and sister Asmera, he plays a game of roulette with his inheritance, his responsibilities and his life. His battles with addictions and playboy ways soon prove to be a bad example for the younger men in his family who are looking up to him. He also has to fight his uncle John Jacobs for his rightful place in the the family companies and patriarchy. Along the way, he learns that love can’t be brought, women have feelings and that past demons can come back to haunt the present. Jake must also decide to accept the help of an old family friend wanting him to focus through therapy, an old flame designed to be the perfect partner, potential new lovers to fulfill his thirst for living in the moment or an unforeseen event that will shift his entire life and expose family secrets

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