5 People Who Must Be On Your Media List

When people ask me where I send their items, I simply state that I distribute it my media list and target specific markets. I always anticipate the question, “What is a media list?” If you don’t know, you are already behind in the media game. By the time you’re done reading this article, you’ll absolutelyContinue reading “5 People Who Must Be On Your Media List”

5 Reasons You Need A Press Release

During my reporter days, I hated the expectation that I would stop what I am doing to hear from an unknown who insisted they had something worthy for an interview. Meanwhile, there would be a publicist who emailed me a few photos, a media kit, and a completed, properly formatted article that might only have a few edits that I can just copy and paste and place. Guess who is likely going to be placed versus who is going to get the back-burner until my plate is clear?