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award-winning journalist, best-selling author, sought-after publicist, media pro, consultant to consultants and momager

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With over 20 years in media, I know what it’s like to be the journalist receiving the story, the publicist pitching the story and in the hot seat delivering the story. I don’t believe in bragging, but I do believe that in order for people to know about you and whatever it is you are known for, you must document it so that others know it happened or that you are doing it. I believe in helping individuals build their digital footprints, helping them make some noise and creating an archive so that others can see the work that has been done. I enjoy telling stories and connecting storytellers to the right platforms. – Arthia Nixon


Skills and specialties include press release writing, article distribution, media coaching, consultation, editing, booking, public relations campaigns and pitching.

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Arthia Nixon is a seven-time Georgia Press Association award-winning journalist known for her investigative, faith and rural news coverage. These days, she is a sought-after consultant to consultants, publicist and contributor who has a passion to get her clients the attention they deserve.

Thia began her 20-year media career as a staff reporter at The Tribune newspaper in The Bahamas when she was sixteen-years-old. By 21, she was a senior writer for a nationally-known in-flight magazine and was later a correspondent/contributor with several entities including CNN, CBC Canada and more. She has since worked in print, broadcasting, public relations, political campaigns and her client lists includes authors, diplomats, child prodigies, entertainers, organizations and more.

Among her career highlights was to be mentored by Clara McLaughlin, the first woman of color own a television station in the United States while serving as an editor at The Georgia and Florida Star newspapers.

Thia has written or contributed to at least 10 best-selling books and is an author known for her romance novels, momager musings and more.

Thia is a media contributor and frequently serves as guest host on broadcast shows, or moderates panels. Thia enjoys connecting with her Caribbean heritage and is a self-professed epicurean and beach addict. She also serves as manager to her actress/kidprenuer daughter.

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